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Community Engagement

Current seaweed and Integrated Mutlitrophic Aquaculture (IMTA, integrating seaweed with shellfish and other species) farms are currently on a pilot scale, however, the creation of needed infrastructure for seaweed/IMTA farms on a commercial scale will have an impact on the environmental and social landscape of coastal communities, which is currently unknown in the UK.

Moreover, the seaweed/IMTA sector would benefit from widened participation, which can only be achieved through actions to reduce barriers to entry, particularly for women, people of colour, people without marine biology training, and people without access to large investment funds.

In order to open up the sector for widened participation, to grow the market, and to increase awareness around the issues faced by our ocean generally, we aim to facilitate and develop relationships between sea farmers and communities.​  


Our planned community activities include: 

  • Cooking with seaweed and learning about its health benefits

  • Understanding the importance of our coastal ecologies

  • Engaging with our history and culture related to seaweed and other marine species

If you'd like to know more or to collaborate, please get in touch. 

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