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Monitoring our sea

To better understand the growing conditions of seaweed species we need to understand the water quality and physical environment in the water column over extended periods of time. 


We have been exploring ways of using low-cost sensors and adapting these for the marine environment in order to give organisations easy-to-use and affordable tool to understand their seaweed growing environment. The data captured from these sensors allows  users to inform planning and decision making at the pre-investment stage, and to support the ongoing development of aquaculture businesses and conservation charities.


Our first system is called 'SeaLens' and we have recently received grant support from the Industrial Strategy challenge Fund. SeaLens currently consists of three modules which can be mounted either as stand alone units or can be coupled together for ease-of-use. 



A programmable high resolution underwater Video & Photo camera for monitoring long-term changes to the environment


LIFT is a high resolution data logger that measures Light Intensity, Flow (Current Speed) and Temperature underwater over long time periods

WhatsApp Image 2021-07-03 at 22.55.28.jpeg


This unit monitors the seawater quality by measuring pH, Salinity, Dissolved Oxygen and Temperature over long time periods

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